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History and Goals

With an aim to cultivate talented researchers to lead research in medical science and promote the health and well-being of all humanity, the Graduate School of medical Science at Chungnam National University began its operation with a quota of 20 graduate students and 15 PhD students in the Spring of 2009.

Its major goals are as follows. First, it is to produce talented researchers specializing in medical science, which is the foundation for medical science, and to lead person- and illness-oriented medical research and education. Second, it strives to present vision and insights to medical research. While the advancement of science and medical technology has significantly contributed to the treatment of illnesses and the promotion of health, there still remains a number of diseases with their treatment unknown. In this regard, systematic support and the establishment of related departments have been urgently required in order for the advancement of medical science. We aim to develop customized curriculum for graduate students and pioneer novel research areas enabling the integration of medicine and life science.

In order to achieve these goals, we provide six major programs (Infection and Immunology, Neuroscience, Metabolic Diseases, Convergence and Regenerative Medicine, Oncology, and Vascular Biology) and provide curriculum specialized for each program.

Based on their passion for education and research accomplishments, our faculty members will strive to cultivate the next generation of professional researchers with international competence in the field of medical science.